About Me

EminezArtus ™

My name is Stuart and my artist name is EminezArtus.
I built this website to publish my illustrations, projects and thoughts.
I've also added my twitter feed for easy access, you will find news and updates on there.

Without further ado please enjoy this page and my work.
Some of my work has a special licence attached to it, please carefully read all
disclaimers and or licence attached to post, documents, etc.

If you have any questions please use my contact form for a swift reply.

Stack Overflow
“The web will never be the same. The only limit is one's imagination.
My approach, is to be minimal. I love JavaScript, it's fast, stable and available to all.
Likewise PHP and MYSQL are fast and versatile.
Combining these tools with CSS and images, you'll get a web experience never seen before.”

EminezArtus ™